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Welcome to Mr. Groom website!

Once available only to professional breeders and groomers, Mr. Groom is now available to all pet owners who care about their petís health and appearance.

Mr. Groom has been a leader in providing a wide range of product to meet the grooming and nutritional needs of both show animals and household pets since 1960.

Mr. Groom was developed with dogs in mind, while many products are equally safe and effective for cats. These products have also experienced excellent results with horses and variety of livestock.

Mr. Groom was developed to make your pet comfortable, happy and flowing with health and vitality. For all the love, joy and companionship YOUR pet gives, does it not deserve the very best?

Mr. Groomís Show Groom (Coat Conditioner) was developed in 1960 with the help of Faberge, primarily for use in the professional show dog arena. Mr. Groomís Coat and Skin soon followed with its own unique fragrance and coat conditioning. Building on the success of these two unique products, the Mr. Groom product line was born.

The Mr. Groom product line today consists of over 50 distinct products of sizes specifically designed to promote the health and beauty of your pet, whether and Aristocratic Pedigree or a Pedigree of Uncertain Ancestry.

Mr. Groom conditioners are designed to detangle, reduce mats between grooming, and help neutralize hair static. Mr. Groom creme rinses/conditioners add volume and make coats more manageable. They leave coat shiny and silky while bringing out life, vitality, and natural highlights of hair and coat. Each creme rinse/conditioner has a different color and scent and is safe for all animals. All conditioners are available in 12 ounce (355 ml), one gallon (3.8 L), and 5 gallon (1..

Grooming Aids
Grooming Aids
In the beginning, Mr. Groom grooming aids began their journey in the US and international pet markets in the late 1950ís when one of Fabregeís employees tried the famous Happy Hair for humans product on their show dog. Amazed with the results, they obtained permission to produce the product under the brand name Show Groom. Sales and customer response were so good that Mr. Groom Pet Products Company was formed. Soon the now famous Coat & Skin and other excellent show dog produ..

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